124489, Russia, Moscow, Zelenograd, Sosnovaya alley, building 6A, premises 5   Research and Production Company "Optolink"

General Director,
Yuri N. Korkishko
+7 (495) 663-17-60 (ext.100)

Technical director,
Vyacheslav A.Fedorov
+7 (495) 663-17-60 (ext.101)

Director of Saratov city branch, Victor E. Prilutskii
+7 (8452) 33-44-86

Director of Arzamas city branch, Alexander I. Zuev 
+7 (83147) 9-82-65

Sales +7 (495) 651-09-60

+7 (495) 651-09-60 (ext.108,109,110)

+7 (495) 651-09-61                         



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RPC OPTOLINK Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a joint venture to develop and apply fiber optic and integrated optic technology to a new generation of optical sensors and components of fiber optical telecommunication. Main office of company as well as production facilities for fabrication of integrated-optical components are placed in Zelenograd (city at 40 km from Moscow). The optical fiber and fiber optical components are fabricating at Optolink’s factory at Arzamas city (400 km from Moscow). The fiber optical sensors are developing and fabricating at Optolink’s factory at Saratov city.


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